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  • 1 week ago by

    Hours & Activities Update:
    Today we will be closing at 5:15pm. We will reopen Monday at 2:00. Unfortunately there will be no group or line dance "sixer-mixer" as no one has signed up. We also will not be holding any groups next week due to lack of attendance, If you would like us to hold group classes the last week of May we will need you to call the studio and sign-up next week by Thursday evening. Have a great weekend!
  • 2 weeks ago by

    Learn a great Bachata Routine tonight at 7:30!
  • 2 weeks ago by

    “Dance at a Distance” During Covid 19! Call (361) 703-5220 Today! Here are Some of the Benefits! 1: Boosts your mood.
    2: Keeps (or gets) you fit and strong.
    3: Improves your cardiovascular health.
    4: Reduces stress.
    5: Builds confidence.
    6: Boosts memory.
    7: Improves flexibility.
    8: Diminishes Depression.
    9: Lose Weight.
    10: Increases your energy.
    where everyone has a 6 foot space!
  • 2 weeks ago by

    Visit our website letsdancevictoria.com You can click on each class under the Calender tab for a short description. Can't wait to see you on the dance floor!
  • 2 weeks ago by

    Here's next week's 7:30pm schedule:
    Monday & Wednesday: 6 Foot Fun FITNESS Class
    Tuesday: We can Beat-it BACHATA Class
    Thursday: Stay Away SALSA Class
    Friday: Swing/Cha-Cha/Bachata/Salsa Line Dances Review
    AND SIXER-MIXER PARTY where everyone has a 6 foot space!
    Call (361) 703-5220 to Sign-up
  • 2 weeks ago by

    Get out, get moving & have some fun!! Call (361)703-5220. Upcoming 7:30 classes include 6 Foot Fun FITNESS, Stay Away SALSA, Beat-It BACHATA, Lysol LINE DANCE and many more! ONLY $10 each or 5 for $40!
    2 weeks ago 1
    Katherine Vaclavik let's do a few classes for fun!
    2 weeks ago 2
    Jean Mercado Hinojosa Yes! Jaylynn would like it too.
    2 weeks ago Let's Dance Victoria 1
    Jean Mercado Hinojosa we are excited to meet you, Katherine and Jaylynn! Please call the studio Monday to reserve your spots for fun!!
    2 weeks ago
    See y’all Monday! We have missed our dance family!
    2 weeks ago Let's Dance Victoria
    Jaclyn Bearden we cant wait to see y’all!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    Don’t miss out on the fun @ 7:30! OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Beginner & up. MAY SPECIAL FOR GROUPS! Call to schedule- limited class size.
    2 weeks ago
    Looks like fun
    2 weeks ago Let's Dance Victoria
    Peggy Dumler Brown we have so much fun! Come join us, next week’s class schedule was posted yesterday!
    2 weeks ago
    Peggy Dumler Brown where. Is this?
    2 weeks ago
    Kathleen W. Carey 5201 n Navarro suite b
    2 weeks ago
    I want to do that. So I can get rid of my pansa
  • 3 weeks ago by

    We still have a few spots left in our 6 FOOT FUN FITNESS classes at 7:30 this week! Call to reserve, this is a great class designed for everyone, whether you are a dancer or not, and we will all be 6 feet apart!
    3 weeks ago
    Cynthia Stanley?
    3 weeks ago
    Vicki King r u asking me on a date? Cuz I would say yes!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    Hey folks, quick update! Just realized there was a problem with the phone at the studio! So so sorry! You can call now, the issue has been resolved!
  • 3 weeks ago by

    GET READY FOR DANCE FITNESS!!  7:30 pm Monday & Wednesday:
    7:30pm Tuesday:
    7:30pm Thursday:
    Groups are for everyone & designed to keep you 6 to 8 feet apart as you get into dance shape and learn fun, easy choreography that you can do alone (or with a partner at a future date). For safety & proper social distancing, you will need to schedule groups and/or lessons. Call (361) 703-5220.
    Due to this ever-changing and fluid situation we will be making our group schedule on a weekly basis.
    We are excited to see our old friends and dance family again starting Monday! We also love to add new friends to our dance family! We have lessons available for anyone wanting to schedule.
    3 weeks ago
    Diana Flores Yoli Perez Amanda Garcia
  • 1 month ago by

    Hello Everyone! We are happy to announce that we wil be re-opening on Monday May 4th! Thank you Governor Abbott!
    Please text the TEXT ONLY number (361) 277-1348 or call the studio number at (361) 703-5220 to make your appointments for next week. We do ask that all students have a face covering wth them and wash their hands as soon as they come into the studio. Even more stringent cleaning protocols have also been implemented. We have had a bit of an issue here at the studio,( a water leak that went undiscovered for a few days) which I have been busy resolving for the last two weeks. There will be some changes to our groups and schedule which I will post about later in the week. We are so excited to see you all again!
    4 weeks ago
    Great news Melodie!
  • 1 month ago by

    Ok all you dancers out there; Make sure to keep practicing, and stay 6 feet apart from yourself!
    1 month ago Let's Dance Victoria 1
    One of the students sent it to me, I wanted to share! Glad you liked it!
    1 month ago
    Love this!
  • 1 month ago by

    Happy Easter to each and every one of you! We miss you all terribly and pray for each of you, every day, that you stay healthy. We will keep you updated on when we can reopen. We don't know about you but we are rarin" to go !!
  • 2 months ago by

    We are here for you! Our Studio is ready for healthy students and our instructors are ready to teach your lessons, in person or online!
    2 months ago
    Clean, clean, clean
  • 2 months ago by

    During this crisis, Victoria’s health and safety are of top concern. Fortunately, Victoria still has 0 confirmed cases of COVID-19! Let’s help keep it that way.
    As of today we will allow only up to 10 people in each group so please schedule your groups ahead. All groups are now designed to be danced individually if preferred. Unfortunately, all parties will be cancelled until further notice. We are still teaching PRIVATE LESSONS in our regularly disinfected studio and also ONLINE!!! We feel it is important to give you options to keep yourself moving and grooving while staying connected to others in one way or another. Yesterday we began our online private lessons and they went great! If you are self isolating call the studio to schedule, it’s easy and fun! .
  • 2 months ago by

    LET'S DANCE VICTORIA IS NOW OFFERING ONLINE PRIVATE LESSONS FOR ANYONE SELF ISOLATING!!! KEEP YOURSELF MOVING AND LEARNING AT HOME! Please download the FREE Zoom app on your phone, computer or Ipad either from the app store OR https://zoom.us/download. We will schedule your lesson and send you an invite at that time. It is working out great! Call (361)703-5220 for more info & to schedule. EASY PEASY!
    2 months ago 1
    We did it tonight and it worked great. Learning our new steps, while staying safe!!
    2 months ago Let's Dance Victoria 1
    Joann Moeller Fournet so great getting to see you and you didn’t even have to use any gas or a mask!!
  • 2 months ago by

    Social Distance Dancing!
  • 2 months ago by

    Thought y’all might want to know...

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